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Junko Shiomi MrSS, SrSS
Shiatsu, Facial Massage
Junko trained and qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London in 2009. She is a registered member of the Shiatsu Society. As well as practicing privately at a clinic in Islington, she has worked for young people at youth centres and a university's annual events for several years. Her approach is specially focusing on balancing and connecting the body condition, the emotional state and the spiritual aspects.
Junko is also qualified as a Japanese language teacher, and has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in London. Other interests include the spiritual world, traveling, walking, cooking and gardening. She particularly has a passion for cooking Japanese and Western fusion.

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Richard Thomas
Shiatsu, Qigong and Taichi
Richard trained as a Shiatsu practitioner at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London, graduating in 2012. He also teaches Qigong and T'ai chi classes, workshops and retreats, and feels that these arts share a great deal with shiatsu in terms of philosophy and practice. All three can help us connect to our quiet, still centre, something invaluable in our increasingly busy and fast-paced lives. For Richard, it is always a privilege to assist someone in finding the sense of “ease” within themselves that we can all access and which provides a space for restoration of our vitality.

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"I had my first Shiatsu session with Junko back in February 2018. It was then, and it always has been, a calming and healing experience.The Shiatsu massage restores my body physically and balances my emotional well-being. As for the facial, it is relaxing and has helped to improve my skin, it feels smoother. It is Junko’s special way of doing her job; she combines her knowledge with a caring touch to provide an amazing experience! Thank you Junko." (RMW, mid 40s, Female)

"I went for my first shiatsu session with Junko after a ski accident where I injured my knee. After a few shiatsu sessions I could already feel my overall body condition getting much better. It really helped speed up my recovery but it also helped me find balance in my body and has astounding effect on my sleep, being a chronic insomniac. I now come to Junko for any health concerns, from hormonal imbalance to a simple neck pain and combine my sessions with one of her signature facials which have had amazing results on my skin. It helps my skin detox from city life but also works wonders on complexion and fine lines by relaxing the muscles and giving a boost of hydration to tired skin. On top of being an incredibly relaxing experience, it gives you a chance to disconnect from busy life and has a great effect on your health where sometimes modern medicine has its limits. I highly recommend Junko and her shiatsu technique!" (MM, 33, Female)

"Working in a challenging and intense environment has meant that I have found it difficult to unwind and make time to concentrate on the fundamentals in life - namely mind and body. Visiting Junko once every 2 to 3 weeks has helped me not only relax within the session, but also find and explore techniques to help refocus and relax during the week. It's been invaluable in easing insomnia as well as a longstanding shoulder complain." (AA, mid 30s, Highbury)

"Richard and Junko are experienced practitioners who provide a sensitive and intuitive service, I have been seeing them for some months and they have helped not only with a lower back problem but also with general wellbeing. I'd happily recommend them to others, and indeed, have done so already." (TH, 30's, London)

"I have had shiatsu treatments by Junko for the last 6 months on a monthly basis. Junko is working through all the tensions of each body part, which helps me to relax mentally and physically especially after a stressful week in the office. It always feels like a mini holiday as I am absolutely calm afterwards." (Beatrix, mid 30's, North London)

"Receiving Shiatsu from Richard has made such a difference to my wellbeing. He has cleared up loads of aches and pains successfully from a recurring lower back problem to sore knees, feet, shoulders and headaches ... Not to mention improving my energy levels. When I went without Shiatsu over the Christmas/New Year period I was shocked by how stiff and creaky I felt but after my first treatment in January I was as good as new. In fact I don't know what I'd do without him. Richard do NOT emigrate!" (BB, mid 50s, London)

"Working and living in London is both challenging and fast paced. Coming from an open, spacious and much less stressful environment I find my shiatsu treatments with Junko help to restore my bodies equilibrium. I began with regular treatments last year and over the time aches and pains began to disappear. In particular a long standing knee pain vanished and regular tension in my lower back began to ease and finally went away. I have been unable to attend my regular treatments over the last 6 months and have really noticed the difference. I once again look forward to these regular times where my body will relax into a restorative balance which settles my energy and inner calm." (Mich, North London)

"When my husband was going through a difficult period of clinical depression Shiatsu was the only thing from alternative solutions that helped him. Once he recovered he made sure to continue with it and also he persuaded me to give it a go. This was couple of years ago now and once I've started having sessions with Richard I was amazed to find how very different I started to feel. I felt mentally stronger, more balanced and all of the sudden very connected to myself.  Richard is an intelligent and extremely skilled Shiatsu practitioner who will always adapt the session depending on what is physically happening with my body and how I feel mentally.  I work in Children’s Services – famously one of the most stressful professions there are and I am not sure how I would cope without sessions with Richard. I try to have a session every fortnight as a way of getting connected with my inner peace."  (VB, 40, London)

"I began receiving Shiatsu treatments from Junko while she was training, and was so impressed with her practice that I now see her once a month for an hour session. Junko has developed an understanding of my own personal tensions which makes her treatment feel uniquely tailored to me, and she responds to my changing physical needs with sensitivity and understanding. I always come away from my treatments feeling more balanced both physically and emotionally, and tension-free. I have used various massage therapists over the years and would highly recommend Junko." (Rebecca, 39, Brixton)

"I find Junko to be very knowledgeable about Shiatsu and she has excellent technique. Her treatments are deeply relaxing and energizing and regular visits really help me maintain my physical and psychological well-being." (Simon, architect, mid 40's)

"I have been receiving Shiatsu from Richard for about four months now. I hold a lot of tension in my body, especially my shoulders, which can be quite distressing. Richard is a thoughtful, kind and thoroughly professional practitioner. He discusses your particular issues with you and then makes every attempt to gear the Shiatsu to your particular needs. The technique he uses for my shoulders brings such relief that I feel so much happier after a treatment. I would highly recommend Richard." (HB, 60s, London)

"I have sessions with Junko once a fortnight and it is great.
I started going as a way of relaxation. Junko is very careful to know exactly what state of mind you are in and how you are feeling as well as keeping a good record of any aches and pains. I have lower back pain and feel it has made a difference. After every session I feel totally relaxed and more centred. My breathing feels easy and I feel lighter on my feet. It's been extremely helpful to my stress levels." (Tom, teacher, London)

"I highly recommend a treatment from Richard. I have had so many and still always look forward to them. Receiving a treatment helps me let go of my day-to-day stress and tension. Richard is a calm and gentle person who listens carefully to peoples' needs. With firm pressure it seems he always finds the right spots, especially on my neck and shoulders, where I hold the most tension. I feel much better after a Shiatsu session with Richard." (AK, Germany)

"I was introduced to Junko by a friend two years ago. At the beginning, I simply felt very good. However as I continued with the sessions, I started to realize my body needed regular treatments. Shiatsu calms the mind and relaxes the body, and I get a sensation of movement inside the body afterward. It seems effective for my stiff shoulders, which have troubled me for years, and also the quality of my sleep improves. Junko and I have developed a good relationship over the years, and now I give my confidence to her treatment. I enjoy a session every month for mental and physical maintenance." (Yoko, North London)

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