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Japanese Facial Rejuvenation is a facial massage and unique treatment that utilises the tsubo (acupressure points in Japanese) of the face. Tsubo are energy points located along the meridians (energy channels) of the body that reflect and allow us to access internal imbalances.

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What's a treatment like?
Treatment includes the scalp massage, gentle yet firm finger pressure on the tsubo, smooth oil massage around the shoulders, neck and face. Organic oil and natural flower water are used.

The pleasant stimulation on the forehead, temple, cheeks and around the eyes relaxes the muscles and helps to promote better circulation of blood, body fluids and Ki (energy force) in the head area. This encourages the removal of toxins and wastes and aids healthy cell growth of facial tissues, which results in a radiant and glowing complexion.

Effective for puffy face, dull skin, or wrinkles and lines. Also, tsubo work helps to clear the mind and to ease sore eyes or headache caused by intense use of the eyes or by constant intellectual work.

In Japan, facial tsubo massage is regarded as a “nonsurgical face lift”, a facial detox, and an anti-ageing method, as well as being popular as a relaxation for refreshing and clearing the mind.

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The Uses of Facial Tsubo
*stiff neck
*facial swelling
*sleeping problems
*nasal obstruction
*hearing problems
*front, rear or temple headache
*sore or itching eyes / blurred vision

Your Treatments
poor circulation, feeling tension, stressed out, headache, foggy head, sore eyes, puffy face, dull skin, wrinkles and lines

75 Minutes Back & Facial Massage

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